We design nail art beyond a season or trend, curating a bespoke color, texture and application experience for each of our guests. Our design philosophy is simple, we start with clean, vegan products and tools and use each to design nail art that resets the boundaries of expression and creativity.

Purpose, passion and sustainability drive our creative approach and these values are embedded at all levels of our brand and guest experience. For us, nail health is just as important as aesthetic so we prioritize protection and care through sustainable, ethically-sourced products and our signature wellness treatment.

Our salon is a living studio of inspiration and an incubator of innovation. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam and its vibrant Red Light District, the industrial and sustainable space reinforces functionality while contrasting the bold colorways and ornate objects - ready for application. Accentuated with custom furniture and tools, soft lighting, luxe hospitality comforts and sensorial extras, our aim is to ensure all elements of the space are sustainably-sourced and to provide an inviting and purposeful experience.

We believe beauty is not about the final ‘look’, it is about how you feel and how you serve your shine - every day.