Article 1 General

1.1 The statutory registered office of Glazed B.V. is located at the Dollebegijnensteeg 7A in Amsterdam.
1.2 Glazed B.V. is a nail art salon specializing in nail treatments. These treatments are carried out based on individual designs and for the benefit of the customer.
1.3 Glazed B.V. offers courses in nail treatments for aspiring nail artists.
1.4 Glazed B.V. reserves the right to engage expert third parties for the execution of its activities.

Article 2 Changes

2.1 Glazed B.V. reserves the right to modify these General Terms & Conditions. Customers/Students of Glazed B.V. are deemed to have accepted any modification to these General Terms & Conditions, unless they have raised written objections within 5 working days of written notification by Glazed B.V..
2.2 Annually, Glazed B.V. may adjust its rates based on the Consumer Price Index.

Article 3 Applicability

3.1 These General Terms & Conditions apply to all orders for nail treatments and courses given by Glazed B.V., as well as to all agreements entered into by Glazed B.V., unless agreed otherwise in writing.
3.2 By booking a nail treatment/course, the customer declares to agree with these General Terms & Conditions.

Article 4 Agreement

4.1 The agreement for a nail treatment/course is established by means of remote booking via the website at and, if desired, appointments can also be made by telephone via +31207711894.
4.2 After booking the nail treatment/course, Glazed B.V. will always send a confirmation by email specifying the applicable costs, including VAT.
4.3 After the nail treatment/course, Glazed B.V. will always send an invoice by email specifying the applicable costs, including VAT.

Article 5 Payment

5.1 The costs of a nail treatment must be paid directly after completion through Glazed B.V.'s payment system. Cash payments are not accepted.
5.2 If additional work is performed during the nail treatment that was not booked, these additional costs must be paid directly after completion through Glazed B.V.'s payment system.
5.3 Prior to attending a course, the full amount must be paid via iDEAL. If payment is not received on time, the student cannot participate in the course. Cash payments are not accepted.
5.4 If the costs for the course are unexpectedly not paid on time, Glazed B.V. has the right to deny the student access to the course.
5.5 Payments can only be made to Glazed B.V. Payments to third parties are not accepted and are not binding.

Article 6 Right of withdrawal

6.1 If a course is booked remotely through the website or by telephone, the legal right to withdraw from a distance purchase within 14 days, without giving any reason, applies. After 14 days, withdrawal is no longer possible.
6.2 To exercise the right of withdrawal, the student must contact Glazed B.V. via
6.3 In the event of withdrawal from the course, Glazed B.V. will refund the amount already paid within 14 days to the student's account.
6.4 In the event of illness or pregnancy that prevents one or more lessons of the course from being attended, Glazed B.V. will make every effort to schedule the missed lesson(s) in a subsequent course after receiving a doctor's note.
6.5 If it is not possible to catch up on missed lessons, Glazed B.V. cannot be held liable. In that case, payments for the missed lessons will not be refunded.
6.6 Glazed B.V. reserves the right to change the course and/or location and will notify the student in a timely manner.
6.7 If the student behaves in such a way during the course that it causes damage to the interests of Glazed B.V. or to the physical integrity, honor and/or interests of other students, Glazed B.V. reserves the right to deny the student access to the course after a single warning without refunding the course fees.

Article 7 House rules during course

7.1 A student must be present at the course at least 5 minutes before the start of the course.
7.2 It is not allowed to use mobile phones during the course.
7.3 The student must leave the assigned workspace clean and tidy after use and thoroughly clean the prep tools.
7.4 Smoking is strictly prohibited during the course.

Article 8 Liability

8.1 Glazed B.V. is not responsible for loss and theft of or damage to personal belongings of the customer/student brought to Glazed B.V, nor for any consequential damages.
8.2 Glazed B.V. is not responsible for any commitments entered into by employees or third parties with third parties that bind Glazed B.V. or that otherwise arise during work at Glazed B.V. and bind Glazed B.V.
8.3 Glazed B.V. is never responsible for indirect damages, including but not limited to business damage, loss of profit, damage due to business interruption, immaterial damage, consequential damages and other forms of financial loss.
8.4 If Glazed B.V. is held liable, liability is limited to the amount paid by a customer/student to Glazed B.V. In case of intent or gross negligence, liability is limited to the amount covered by the (business) liability insurance of Glazed B.V.

Article 9 Copyright

9.1 The teaching materials produced by Glazed B.V. and provided to a student are protected by copyright and remain the property of Glazed B.V. It is not permitted to distribute, reproduce and/or make them public without written permission from Glazed B.V.
9.2 The copyright of the applied nail art belongs to Glazed B.V. If designs are photographed for commercial purposes, permission must be obtained from Glazed B.V. in advance and arrangements must be made for compensation.

Article 10 Personal data and confidentiality

10.1 Glazed B.V. collects the name, address and personal data of a customer/student to perform the nail treatment, organize the course and inform the customer/student about Glazed B.V.'s offers by email or telephone.
10.2 Upon request from the customer/student, Glazed B.V. will delete their personal data from its system. This request can be addressed to
10.3 The customer/student must keep confidential information obtained from or about Glazed B.V. Information is considered confidential if it has been communicated as such by Glazed B.V. or if it follows from the nature of the information.

Article 11 Certificate

11.1 Upon successful completion of an entire course and fulfilling all payment obligations, the student will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

Article 12 Age

12.1 If a customer/student is under the age of 18 and wishes to participate in a nail treatment/course offered by Glazed B.V., written permission must be granted by a parent or guardian.

Article 13 Guarantee

13.1 Glazed B.V. offers a 7-day guarantee on nail treatments and products to customers. The nail artist will carefully assess whether any issues are due to their own work or if they are a result of the customer's actions. The guarantee automatically expires if the customer has exposed the nails to chemicals without wearing gloves and/or if the customer has used other products than those recommended by Glazed B.V. for nail maintenance.

Article 14 Complaints

14.1 If a customer unexpectedly has a complaint about the nail treatment, this complaint must be reported to Glazed B.V. within 5 working days via and/or the nail artist.

Article 15 Inability to attend appointment

15.1 If a customer has made an appointment for a nail treatment but cannot attend or wishes to change it, the customer must inform Glazed B.V. as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours before the appointment, only by email or telephone.
15.2 If the customer fails to meet this obligation on time, Glazed B.V. will charge the customer 50% of the full amount for the agreed nail treatment. A payment link will then be shared via WhatsApp and/or email.
15.3 If the customer does not show up for the appointment, Glazed B.V. will charge the customer 100% of the amount for the nail treatment. A payment link will then be shared via WhatsApp and/or email.
15.4 If the customer arrives more than 10 minutes late at the salon, Glazed B.V. reserves the right to shorten the nail treatment. Nevertheless, the full agreed amount will be charged.

Article 16 Applicable law and disputes

16.1 Dutch law applies to all agreements to which these General Terms & Conditions apply, in whole or in part.
16.2 If disputes arise that cannot be resolved amicably, they will be submitted to a competent judge in Amsterdam.

These General Terms & Conditions of Glazed B.V. have been filed with the Business Register in Amsterdam.