We love newness and pushing creative boundaries. The ‘Remove & Refresh’ treatment gets you ready for your next appointment by removing your existing application while providing you with a wellness treatment to ensure your nails are in perfect health before your new application.

    €8,50 - €18,50


    This treatment removes your application. This service also includes our manicure signature wellness treatment, focusing on cuticle care and shaping.

    €25,00 - €45,00


    Our Glazed manicure includes a wellness treatment, focusing on cuticle care and shaping.



    ‘Overlay' provides ultimate strength, durability and functionality for your nails. This BIAB base coat provides a powerful overlay under your single color and nail art application.



    Serve that single color shine for up to two weeks with our signature single color treatment. As we prioritize care and nail health, this service also includes a wellness treatment focused on nail shaping and cuticle care. After the wellness treatment, you can select a gel polish from our extensive color palette made up of only vegan products.

    Gel Polish | €42,50 - €47,50
    BIAB | €72,50 - €77,50
    Gel-X (Après) Extensions | €87,50 - €92,50

  • BIAB

    BIAB ('Builder In A Bottle') provides ultimate durability and is applied using a sculpting technique to create an apex that reinforces the strength and durability of your nails. This treatment provides a similar look and feel compared to gel nails, however it dries as a harder yet flexible, rubbery finish to prevent less chipping.

    €62,50 - €67,50 (natural)


    At Glazed, size matters. Our extension service provides long, luscious and full nails, immediately. We provide over five shapes to select from to help curate your ideal size. Lasting up to two weeks, this low-impact and durable application ensures immediate nail self-expression.

    €75,00 (only extensions, no application)


    'Glaze' is where you choose your one dimensional gel nail art. This treatment consists of gel, chrome and foils to create your french, dots, stars, flames and more. From 'Glaze 1' for simple nail art until 'Glaze Trademark Beyond' where the gel art possibilities are endless.

    Gel Polish | €52,50 - €177,50
    BIAB | €87,50 - €212,50
    Gel-X (Après) Extensions | €102,50 - €227,50


    'Aura' provides a luminous and dramatic colorway effect using an airbrush application. As the gel polish blooms and blends together, a dimensional and dramatic effect is created to ensure a custom look that is expressive and unique to you. The higher the number, the more intricate the nail art.

    Gel Polish | €82,50 - €207,50
    BIAB | €117,50 - €242,50
    Gel-X (Après) Extensions | €132,50 - €257,50


    ‘3D Experience’ is a service exclusive only to Glazed, stimulating all the senses through a bold, ornate and dramatic application. Fusing color, texture and size; the final outcome is a fearless work of art, captivating the senses to showcase your unapologetic style and pushing the boundaries of nail art. The higher the level, the more intricate the nail art.

    Gel Polish | €82,50 - €207,50
    BIAB | €117,50 - €242,50
    Gel-X (Après) Extensions | €132,50 - €257,50

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